Lost a Tooth? See Implant Dentists Kona!

Teeth may seem like simple things, but it’s amazing how many kinds of dental work they can require. Cleanings, fillings, root canals and implants are just a few of the things that can be needed just to keep them working properly. Then there’s the fact that they are important to your appearance. Having teeth that look great can require braces, bleaching, veneers and natural looking repairs.

When a tooth fails completely, pulling it out is just the first step to restoring your mouth to health. The missing tooth will need to be replaced in order to preserve chewing function, the health of the jawbone and the appearance of your smile. Bridges are a common type of tooth replacement device, but while they are relatively inexpensive, they aren’t the best possible solution. Instead, you should seek implant dentists in Kona.

An implant, as the name implies, is anchored directly into your jaw bone to provide a level of strength that can’t be matched by bridges or other over-the-gum appliances. The part that is implanted is actually a post. This post usually has a surface that looks much like a screw thread. The threads give your bone plenty of places to anchor to it and hold it in.

After the post insertion has healed, dentists Kona will attach an implant crown to finish the job. This will make the replacement tooth look just like its natural counterpart, and there’ll be no way for anyone to see that you have an implant without looking at an x-ray. The completed implant will be immune to rotting or hurting, and have at least as much strength as your natural teeth. In fact, it will likely be even stronger! Even so, you’ll still need general dental care in Kona to keep it in good shape. This is because professional cleanings and other maintenance are required to maintain its strong connection with your jaw bone. Your implant dentists Kona will let you know how to take care of your replacement tooth.

If you’ve lost a tooth or are about to, contact Tooth Implants in Kona to find out if an implant is a good solution for you. Thanks to advanced procedures, it is possible to place implants in most cases, so never assume that nothing can be done. You’ll be amazed at what is possible with today’s dental technology.

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