Pet Hospital Honolulu Area

You come home from work and you see your dog slowly walking up to you from the back of the house as he always does. Today however you notice that his right back foot looked like it had been cut open and was bleeding. He wouldn’t let you touch it to look at it and it didn’t look good. You called your regular veterinarian and they were getting ready to close but they did recommend a Pet Hospital In Honolulu who could handle emergency care and was open after normal business hours.

Just as with human hospitals, most veterinary hospitals are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week although there are some that aren’t so it is a good idea to check before hand so you are prepared should you ever need to take your pet to one. Illnesses and accidents happen to our pets just like they do us and the time of day does not necessarily have to be a convenient time.

Older pets can experience kidney failure or heart failure. Allergic reactions are not uncommon in pets and can cause severe respiratory problems that need to be treated immediately. Bloat, a twisting of the stomach which can happen to larger, deep chested dog breeds such as a German Shepherd, is something that can be deadly and needs to be treated as soon as possible. You probably should not be waiting until the morning when the regular veterinarian office opens. Also many people don’t realize the effects of anti-freeze should a pet drink it. Pesticide poisoning is another reason that pets may end up at a Pet Hospital Honolulu area.

It is also a good idea when searching for a Pet Hospital Honolulu area that you become familiar with the abbreviations used to identify the different credentials of the people staffing them. For example, the letters DVM following a person’s name stands for Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Individuals with DVM degrees graduated from veterinary school and earned a doctorate degree which is needed in order to practice veterinarian medicine.

The Internet is a great way to find pet hospitals by using a popular search engine such as Google. A good business review site Angie’s List, is another popular way to find a good pet hospital.

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