Professional Illinois Auctioneers Answer Common Questions about Having a Successful Auction

Having a successful auction takes experience and strategy. Without either of those things, your auction is going to be a mediocre event that won’t bring in the maximum profits. Many people who are inexperienced at running auctions have questions about how to make them a success. Here are some of the most common questions with answers from expert Illinois auctioneers to help you have the most successful auction possible.

How much time should we give ourselves to prepare?
If you’re having a one-time charity auction and you’re trying to maximize the profits from it, you should start planning as soon as possible. Ideally, you should start from six months to a year in advance so you can be ready for the big event. You can start gathering things well in advance and then start garnering interest and creating a buzz about the event a couple months before the auction. You can also start speaking to local businesses to see if they would like to make a donation to the auction so you can get even more money for your charity.

What are some creative ways to get more money from our auction?
One thing you can do is ask a well-known person to attend the auction. If you can tell people that you have a public figure at the auction and they will be signing autographs or simply talking to people who attend the event, you will draw a larger crowd. Even personalities familiar in the local community can draw a crowd of people – so you may want to start asking around to see who wants to donate their time for a good cause.

How should we publicize our charity auction?
If you’re having an auction that is open to the public, there are many ways you can publicize it. Start with your local newspapers and radio stations. If they have advanced notice of the event, many of the local publications and stations will promote it for free. Simply send out a press release that tells about the event. Don’t forget to include the important information, including where, when, and why the event is being held.

Should I hire a professional auctioneer?
Some people who run charity auctions try to skimp on hiring a professional auctioneer. But when you have expert Illinois auctioneers at your event, you will undoubtedly increase your profits and sell more items at a higher price to the winning bidders. Experienced auctioneers know how to keep a crowd enthused and sell items; so if you’re going to splurge on any area of your event, spend extra on hiring a great auctioneer.

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