It is unlawful for your employer to discriminate against you under any circumstances that have to do with your age, sex, disability, race or marital status. The discrimination can come in the form of termination, being passed over for a promotion, feeling harassed or simply not being treated fairly. If you feel as if any of these circumstances pertain to you, it is important to talk to one of the reputable employment attorneys about your concerns in Arlington Heights.

Proving Your Claim

Proving discrimination can be difficult to do on your own because you need to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that there was discrimination involved. Typically, an employer will find ways to deny the allegations and will avoid leaving any type of paper trail or evidence, making it nearly impossible to prove the case. When you hire an attorney who is well versed in employment law, he will understand how to avoid the defense tactics many employers use to get out of these cases.

Direct Discrimination

When a person is subjected to direct discrimination, the offense is obvious. In this method, there is obvious statement or admission of the reason for discrimination. Direct discrimination is not common and can be difficult to prove without the help of employment attorneys in Arlington Heights, especially without any unbiased witnesses who heard the statement made by the employer.

Indirect Discrimination

Indirect discrimination is much more common and is difficult to prove as well, although it can be easier than direct discrimination. There might be a paper trail involved in this method of discrimination because it involves a person being passed over for a promotion, fired or otherwise mistreated for reasons that can be tied into a protected classification. Once the occurrence takes place, the employee might have proof in an evaluation or other paperwork from their employer. They can then disprove the evaluation through their own proper behavior at work that can show they were eligible for the position and were passed over for other reasons.

Proving discrimination at work can be difficult to handle on your own. Because of the sensitive nature of this field, it is always best to have one of the reputable employment attorneys in Arlington Heights at your side, helping you prove your case. If you feel as if you were wrongfully fired, not hired, passed over or mistreated, you will need to prove the type of discrimination you were subjected to, as well as how it occurred, which is best when done with the help of an attorney.

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