Questions to ask Wedding Venues in the Berkshires

When you and your groom start looking for wedding venues in the Berkshires, you likely have many choices. Many couples make the mistake of falling in love with an establishment before realizing it just might not fit their needs. Before you put a down payment on the location for your wedding reception, take the time to ask a few important questions.

Is the Décor Acceptable?

One of the largest mistakes couples make is booking their wedding at a venue in which the décor does not match their wedding theme at all. While the color of the walls and floor typically don’t play a vital role, the rest of the décor does matter. Do you want to have to spend a lot of money on flowers, table cloths, napkins, centerpieces and various other décor pieces to make the room fit into your theme or would you rather have a place that works well with your theme, saving you money in the long run?

Is the Establishment Accessible?

Ask the various wedding venues in the Berkshires about various items, such as where coats will be stored and where the bathrooms are located. Take a tour of the bathrooms to determine if they are large enough to handle the size crowd you will be having. You don’t want your guests to have to spend an hour standing in line at the bathroom and missing your important day. If you have any guests with special needs, determine if the hall can accommodate those needs as well.

Is there a Good Spot for Pictures?

If you plan on having pictures taken at the reception, you should determine ahead of time where the photographer can set up. Most couples have a photographer in the actual reception, but think about formal pictures outside the reception. If there are certain people with whom you would like pictures and they are not in the wedding, the reception is usually the time to do it. Ensure your venue has ample space to accommodate your needs.

When you look for wedding venues in the Berkshires, it can seem overwhelming. There are a large number of places that can hold a wedding, but that does not mean they all fit your needs. Take a close look at the décor, the amenities they provide and the likelihood of having professional pictures taken at the venue during the reception to ensure you have everything you want on your special day.

For more information about wedding venues in the Berkshires, visit The Lenox Club online or call 1-413-637-0030 to see just how they can help you create your dream wedding.

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