Reduce Your Child’s Risk Of An Asthma Attack

It’s terrifying for a parent to watch a young child having an asthma attack. Although there’s no known cure for asthma, it’s easy to manage it with medication. However, it can still be distressing for children and parents when an attack happens. It’s much better to create an environment that makes it less likely that an attack will happen.

Houston Ear Nose And Throat doctors can help you identify the triggers that cause an attack. These vary from person to person, so you need to work out which ones are your child’s specific causes. Once you’ve identified them, do your best to eliminate them from your home.


Keeping your house as clean as possible is the best way to reduce risk. Common triggers include dust mites, cockroach droppings, and mold. Vacuum regularly and thoroughly to remove any traces of food and dust. Ensure you get into closets and remove dust from shelves. Don’t use down-filled bedding, and don’t have too many stuffed toys in your child’s room. Wash bedding regularly on the highest possible heat setting, and use a mattress protector. Get a dehumidifier if necessary, and keep showers, sinks, toilets and bathroom areas scrubbed clean. Fix water leaks right away – even a tiny leak can cause mold behind bathroom or kitchen units or under floors.

Be aware that some cleaning materials can be asthma triggers. Avoid using strong chemicals, and use natural cleaning products where possible.


Tobacco smoke is a major irritant. If you wish to smoke, do so outside, away from the asthma sufferer, and never smoke in your car. Even if you don’t smoke when the kids are with you, the lingering smoke can trigger an attack.

Other forms of smoke can be problematic as well; smoke from fireplaces, barbeques, or wildfires as well as industrial pollution can irritate your child’s lungs. When you’re grilling, ensure the wind blows the smoke away from the house.


Sadly, furry pets can be a massive problem. In the worst case scenario, you may need to consider rehoming your pet. At the very least, ensure that the pet is kept out of the child’s bedroom, and bathe them regularly. Vacuum regularly, ensuring you remove all traces of pet hair from sofas, curtains and other soft furnishing as well as floors.

Allergies & diet

These triggers can be hard to identify, but it’s critical that you spend time figuring out which ones affect your child. Houston Ear Nose And Throat centers have programs that can assist you. These could be specific fragrances, pollens, foods, or even clothing materials.

There are many other triggers you can’t control. Some illnesses can cause asthma attacks, and some people react badly to different weather conditions. These simple precautions, however, will make your child’s life much less risky.

Advice from Humble Surgical on ways to make your home safer for a child with asthma; great information from Houston ear nose and throat doctors.


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