Relax and Enjoy the Ride with Airport Shuttles

by | Jul 29, 2013 | Travel

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Getting to and from the airport is a hassle. You’ve either got to find a friend or family member to deal with the drive, twice, or pay what are often overpriced parking fees each day you’re away, just to leave your car sit in an airport parking lot. As the 5th largest passenger airport in the UK, Luton flies about 10 million passengers a year, 89% of which are on international flights. This high amount of international transportation means that many had to face the airport dilemma: what to do with the car. Choosing to book a Luton Airport shuttle can help you get to the airport and put away the stress of traveling for a bit.

Situated about 56 kilometers North of Central London, the London Luton airport is the 4th largest airport in London, after Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted airports. If you find yourself with a flight out of this airport, hiring a shuttle service to get you, your luggage, and anyone else coming along with you to the airport on time can be very beneficial, especially if you’re not used to the area. Because many services offer group-transportation, many find that splitting the cost makes the choice a no-brainer. Experienced shuttle services will also be able to offer airport-to-airport transportation, which requires a very well organized and timely driver.

The  Luton airport shuttle company you choose can make all the difference on how beneficial your decision turns out to be. While of course it’s okay to park your car in a lot for a few days, why should you pay for it when you don’t have to? Choosing a shuttle service with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service can assure you that no matter what time you find yourself in need of transportation, they will work with you and accommodate your needs. Many companies will offer a few car choices, mostly based solely on aesthetics. However, finding a service that offers different size vehicles able to carry multiple passengers plus their luggage can give you confidence in the professionalism and flexibility of the company.

Wherever it is you’re looking to end up, choosing a shuttle service can get you there hastily and save you a few bucks too. When you’re looking for professional and reliable airport transportation, consider a Luton airport shuttle. Be sure to choose a company that will accommodate your unique transportation needs with professional solutions and a customers-first attitude. Many shuttle services will provide you with free quotes and booking options online, allowing you to choose your means of travel at any time of the day.

See how a Luton airport shuttle can help you relieve the stresses of traveling with a hassle-free shuttle service. London Shuttle Service offers professional and reliable Luton airport shuttle service.