Rental Duties Performed by Property Managers in Sacramento

Many landlords prefer to hire a property management company to perform the day-to-day operations of their property.  This can be highly beneficial for landlords who are busy with other aspects of their business or who prefer not to be hands-on with their property.  Property managers in Sacramento take on many duties when hired to care for a rental property.  If you are considering hiring a property management company to assist with your rental units, consider all the duties they can perform for you.

Filling Vacancies
When tenants move out of your rental property, it is up to the property management company to fill that vacancy.  Before that can happen, property managers in Sacramento will perform a home inspection and ensure the house is up to par for renting.  They will then go through the necessary steps to advertise the vacancy and interview potential tenants to make sure the property is receiving high quality renters.

Property Maintenance
Property management companies are also in charge of keeping the property in good working condition.  This includes performing all necessary maintenance and making repairs if the property becomes damaged.  This can be highly beneficial for landlords who would rather leave repairs in the hands of professionals then to take on the job themselves.  To ensure your rental unit remains in good condition, the property managers will also perform home inspections.

Collecting Rent
Another primary duty of a property management company is to collect the rent each month.  Typically, at the beginning of each month, the rent is collected from the tenant and then sent on a designated date to the landlord.  Tenants may experience late fees if they fail to pay rent on time and could possibly be evicted if they continually refuse to pay.  The property management company will also take care of the eviction process if needed.

RPM Northern Sacramento has successfully managed thousands of real estate assets for more than 25 years.  With more than 200 locations nationwide, they have become an industry leader.

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