Residential Solar Installation Is Worth the Upfront Costs

Many American’s are looking into residential solar installation these days.  The rising cost of home energy has turned a few heads to checking on energy the sun provides us for free.  Residential solar installation is reliable and pollution free renewable power given to us by the sun.

Are you wondering if your home is in a good position for residential solar installation?  Pretty much all homes in the United States are in a great position for solar power.  Solar panels use photovoltaic cells that change the suns rays into energy.  These PV cells can collect both direct and scattered light thus making homes in the U.S. capable of energy savings.

There are a few attributes that will increase your homes ability to gain the most of your residential solar installation.  You can have the panels placed on your homes rooftop or on the ground.  Either place will work.  You will have a sweet spot if your home’s roof or area faces south or within 90 degrees of south and if the area is in direct sun.  If your home is in partial sun, no worries, you will still generate an energy savings just not as much as the home down the street with no trees in sight.

The pitch of your roof can help as well.  If your roof’s angle is around 30 and 50 degrees you will have a better performance than having them placed on a flat roof.  That doesn’t mean if your roof is flat you are out of luck it just means you will need to have your residential solar installation done with positional frames allowing the panels to be angled for optimum gain.

Weather isn’t much of an issue for solar energy.  Solar energy systems will collect the sun’s energy even on cold rainy days, even in snow.  Obviously you will not produce as much energy on cloudy days but you still will generate up to 1/3 of the energy.  You will produce more energy in the long days of summer compared to the short days of winter.  Whenever the day and what ever the weather you are still producing energy.  Rain is even a good thing for residential solar instillation.  Average amounts of rainfall help your solar energy panels; this rain cleanses the panels causing them to become free of dirt and dust that collects on them.  This dust and dirt will build up and prevent the efficiency of your solar panels. The rain also helps to keep the panels cool therefor allowing them to operate better and longer.

Residential solar installation is a great alternative to paying out the high and ever raising costs of grid energy, call a reputable residential solar instillation company today to find out how much you can save on your home energy bills.

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