Save Money with the 179D Energy Tax Deduction and More

When many businesses look at the idea of making changes that will allow them to become more energy efficient, they only see the large price tag on these changes. However, it is important for businesses to look at the bigger picture instead. For instance, when you make energy-saving changes to your business building, you will qualify for the 179D energy tax deduction. Learning all the benefits of these changes can show you the importance of making these changes.

Save Money

Every business is looking to make changes that impact their bottom line. They don’t want to spend more money than they bring in and want to maximize the amount of profits they will realize. When you make improvements to your HVAC, lighting and business envelope, you will be able to save even more money on your business expenses. The more money you save on your business expenses, the greater your profit will be without having to make more sales.

Tax Deductions

The 179D energy tax deduction is another great benefit of making these changes to your business building now instead of waiting for the future. When you complete these changes during the specified time period, you will be able to reduce your tax liability for the year in which you install these changes. This can greatly impact the amount of taxes your business owes, helping you save even more money immediately.

Save the Environment

For many people, the focus is on saving the environment in any way possible.  Those who are truly dedicated to doing their part to save the environment are more likely to turn to businesses that also help out. When you make these changes to your business building, you will be reducing the amount of energy your business uses. Potential customers will see these positive changes you make and will gravitate toward your business because they know you truly care.

Despite the high costs of improving the use of energy within your business, many businesses can benefit greatly from making these changes. One of the most immediate ways the business can save money is by taking advantage of the 179D energy tax deduction. However, the cost savings will continue beyond that as you see your utility bills decrease. As your utility bills and energy usage decrease, your business will show your customers and potential customers how important saving the environment is to you. If they see you care about the environment, they will know you care about them too.

To learn more about all the benefits of energy-saving changes, including the 179D energy tax deduction, visit the Walker Reid Strategies website.

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