Shamanic Journeying: A Simple, Effective Way to Connect and Heal

Many of us have experienced spiritual journeys in our lives, whether you realize it or not. For instance, dreaming is often considering by many a type of spiritual journeying. To many people, dreams are seen as a vehicle for our higher selves to reach us clearly, and communicate the things that we need to know. Many times, however, we have trouble remembering these dreams when we wake up or we will remember these dreams, and they will nag at us because we know there is meaning, yet cannot put our finger on that meaning. This happens because we don’t know how to formally meet with our higher selves and our guiding spirits. You can learn how to do this, however, with shamanic journeying.

How Shamanic Journeying Works

Shamans who practice shamanic journeying will typically use a rhythmic drum beat. This beating will help the brain and spirit enter into a different state of consciousness. This consciousness is similar to dreaming, daydreaming or even entering into a state of hypnosis. By listening to drum beat, either live or even recorded, shamans are able to journey to a new place on a different spiritual plane where they can meet their known spirits, communicate, heal, get new information and even meet other spirits along the way. This is only the basic description of how this works and to be successful in journeying you will certainly need to learn more about the process and understand what goes into it. Once you learn, however, you will be able to reach this higher consciousness and do things that you may have never thought possible.

Finding Guidance for Shamanic Studies

In order to learn about Shamanic journeying, it is important that you learn from a talented shaman. This shaman will be someone who you study with and they will teach you the intricacies that go along with this type of education. You should know that it is scientifically proven that we can enter into different states of consciousness so you can easily learn to control it, which is what you will do when you work with a shaman. Make sure that you are studying with a shaman with a good reputation, someone who has devoted their life to this practice and most importantly, someone whom you can trust.

You can contact LightSong School of Shamanic Studies, Oregon to learn about Shamanic journeying from a talented shaman.

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