Smoke Shop In Crofton MD Etiquette: A Few Terms That You Need To Know

Although there are states where medical marijuana is legal, there are also states where it is not. There is a certain etiquette that a first time visitor to a Smoke Shop Crofton MD is expected to show.

1. No to bong:
Do not mention the word “bong,” even in those states where it is legal to smoke marijuana; the word bong is never used. The owners of smoke shops insist that their products are used only for tobacco, thus staying totally above board and legitimate.

2. No to weed:
Do not start a conversation about weed in a smoke shop. Definitely do not bring weed into a Smoke Shop in Crofton MD, you will find yourself back on the street very quickly.

3. Residue:
If any of your glass requires repair, of course the smoke shop is where the repairs can be carried out. When you bring glass into the shop, make sure it is perfectly clean and free of all residues.

4. Window shopping:
Like in a china shop, if you break it, you own it. Do not ask to handle glass unless you have a serious intention of buying it. Glass is very fragile and most shop owners will expect you to pay for anything you break.

5. No dealers:
A Smoke Shop Crofton MD is not where you go to connect with a dealer, there are no connections to be made and the shop owner will be at risk if you ask.

6. Haggling:
Haggling is part of the fun of smoke shop culture, but don’t overdo it. If you attempt to low-ball or play hard-ball in your negotiations, you may find the owner going just the other way.

7. Photo I.D.
No matter how old you are, do not go to the smoke shop without a photo ID. Many shops have a “no ID no entry” policy and it applies to everyone.

When you’re in the Smoke Shop in Crofton MD for the first time, you may hear terms that you are not familiar with. A few that you may want to know are:
Top shelf: This eludes to inhalation which only goes half way to the lungs, the smoke feels as if it is caught somehow in the chest. When this happens, you can expect a bad hit and a lot of coughing. Take the hits slow and avoid talking or laughing while inhaling.

Cottonmouth: One of the effects of smoking is a dry mouth. When this happens to a friend, share a bit of whatever you’re drinking and expect the same from him. Don’t consume much, just a sip is enough.

Acting: Don’t try to act high; don’t try to be the center of attention by acting higher than you really are. You cannot fool seasoned smokers, so just enjoy your bud.

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