Tenders in the Democratic Republic of Congo Sparks Competition

As a Phoenix rising from the ashes, the Democratic Republic of Congo is undergoing an era of recovery and restoration in spite of its chaotic past. The Hotel Industry is making strides in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Democratic Republic of Congo, also recognized as the DRC is becoming one of the fastest growing countries in Africa. Located right in the middle of Africa, it boasts a growing economy fueled by diamond mining and untapped mineral deposits that are highly sought after. With the latest rumors about changes and improvements to the country’s infrastructure, large companies are gearing up to invest in the future of the DRC.

New and improved transportation systems will make way to refurbished railroads, paved roads and accessible waterways. This improvement to the DRC’s infrastructure is sure to bring global competition and swing open the doors of the Hotel Industry.

The Hotel Industry has been in operation in the DRC since the early 1900s. With hotels now available in every major city in the DRC, the industry is continuing to grow as it’s able to accommodate employees from business and various industries.

Major hotel groups such as InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), Marriott International and Hilton Worldwide will benefit from submitting and acquiring bids within the DRC. Smaller names such as Home Inns and Best Western will be able to profit and grow if able to acquire a contract. This will also provide jobs within the DRC both locally and internationally. In addition to hotel Tenders Democratic Republic of Congo can also offer various contractual bids for public works, consultancy services, and machinery equipment to aid in the development of the infrastructure.

With rumors of hotel tenders, the opportunity to submit and secure a bid will prove to be lucrative for an investor. A Tender is simply the process of bidding for a contract in hopes of procuring the project or property. Timeframes and deadlines dictate the time allowed for submitting a bid and attaining a contract. Vendors compete in hopes of being selected for major projects. With Hotel Tenders Democratic Republic of Congo will enhance and improve its economic condition.

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