Termites Orange County

by | Apr 25, 2013 | Pest Control

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Termites Orange County are a major problem. These vile insects thrive in the moderate California climate, making the risk of infestation as well as the potential damage even greater. A Termite Orange County enjoys living in dark, damp places. Areas near plumbing or drains are ideal for them because of the moisture that collects there.

When these conditions occur near a building, it becomes a base for their upcoming invasion. Termites work their way into the structure between the spaces surrounding the pipes or small cracks in the foundation near the drains. They then move into the interior of the walls or underneath the lower flooring of the building. Once they are there, they have a source of food in addition to their water source.

With those basic needs met, the colony begins to multiply. It will expand through the walls, along the floorboards, and into the roof. Only once the expansion has reached significant levels and the termites have begun occupying new areas such as cabinets, visible flooring, or furniture will their presence be known. The signs of termites include chew marks on these surfaces, saw dust, and droppings.

As soon as these signs are noticed, it is important to consult with an expert in Pest Control Orange County. By this point, the damage may be or may soon become more than just merely cosmetic. As they eat into the floorboards, walls, and roof support beams, the termites may undermine the structural integrity of the house. And of course, they will also continue to destroy any furniture and cabinets they have come into contact with.

If Termites Orange County are detected early, they can be stopped before this happens. The first and preferred option is localized treatment around the visibly effected areas. However, this is only possible if they are seen only in a small area of the building. If they are observed in various locations, it is an almost certain sign of a near total infestation. In this case, the likely only option will be fumigation of the entire building. This will kill the termites, but it will also mean all people, plants, and animals will need to move out for several days for the treatment to take effect.