Testing the Uterine Lining to Find the Root of Your Fertility Issues

There are more than 6 million women in the United States who are currently dealing with fertility problems and finding that they are unable to conceive and start a family in the way that they want. Fertility issues can be devastating for any couple to deal with and it is important that you get to the root of your fertility issue in order to figure out the best course possible for treatments. Understanding the cause of fertility problems is important to you and your healthcare provider and can be the key to finding the right course of action to help you with your fertility issues. One of the easiest ways to get started in your attempts to find the source of your fertility issue is to get what is known as an E-tegrity test.

By getting this type of test, you are testing your uterine lining to help determine the root of your fertility issue. When you test your uterine lining the doctor will look for signs of the presence of the Beta-3 integrin. The Beta-3 integrin along your uterine lining is a special protein that is necessary for implantation to take place. While testing the uterine lining your medical professional will be able to determine if your body has what it takes to implant a fertilized egg or not, typically through testing the presence of this Beta-3 integrin along your lining. Typically if this uterine lining test is performed and you are missing the Beta-3 integrin, your fertilized egg is not very likely to attach to your uterine wall and you will find that your chances of getting pregnant are very low.

This test is one of the best ways to determine your ability to get pregnant as it tests for a very basic and very common issue that often renders women to be infertile. This test comes with very little risks and is far less invasive than most fertility related testing. This test on the uterine lining can even be done quickly and getting the results does not take long. By testing the body for the presence of the Beta-3 integrin instead of testing for many more serious medical conditions, you are often able to find out right away if your body and your uterine lining are producing the necessary proteins needed to get pregnant. If you do have this test done and find that you are not producing the proteins you need, you and your doctor will be better able to discuss your viable options and the best way to move forward so that you can get the family you have always wanted to have.

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