The Advantages of a Vinyl Fence

Vinyl has become a very popular material in the use of privacy and decorative fencing for homes. vinyl fencing in Dallas is available in a range of styles and is weatherproof, long-lasting and mildew resistant. The limitations of vinyl fencing are the low availability of a vast range of colors. You will notice that vinyl fencing tends to be restricted to simplistic colors like white, cream or ivory. This is due to the light pigmentation in the materials used and dying the material is not cost effective or practical.

Privacy and durability are the main reasons people choose vinyl fencing over wooden fencing. Wood is beautiful and natural but it needs too much maintenance for some people’s tastes and therefore vinyl is the more durable fallback option. It needs little maintenance except the odd wash-down once in a while, and requires no painting or fuss. Once the vinyl fencing is installed it can be pretty much left to its own devices.

Weather and Maintenance

Weather can play a huge part in the demise of a fence if it is made from wood. No matter what lengths you take to protect the wood it will eventually succumb to the elements. If you live in a particularly hot or humid climate where the weather gets extremely warm in the summer your wooden fencing may not last as many years as that of a wooden fence in a more moderate climate. Texas, for example, experiences some extremely hot summers, but if you have a vinyl fence in Dallas you will not have to worry about its upkeep as much as you would if it were made from wood.

Rainy climates also tend to effect wooden fencing far more. The moisture that settles into the wood can cause warping and twisting as well as decay. PVS fencing in climates like Oregon are far better and far less trouble to maintain.

PVC is made from a material called Polyvinyl Chloride and is a highly toughened plastic polymer that many items are now made from. Windows and doors in homes are now constructed from PVC because it less prone to warping and damage the way wood is. Although wood is a natural and more sustainable material it is also more expensive and harder to maintain.

PVC is also very durable and attractive. The construction can be smooth or grained so as to resemble white painted wood. Styles can be plain panel or paneled with lattice, picket or ranch fencing. The tops of the fence can also be partly decorative with scalloped spindles. When you are deciding on the kind of fence to best suit your home, consider the uses of it. If you want privacy, choose a high fence style and if you have horses or live on a ranch, ranch style would be preferable.

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