The Benefits of Using Licensed Remodelers in San Antonio

When remodeling your home, the advantages of hiring licensed remodelers in San Antonio greatly outweigh the potential cost savings of going with an unlicensed contractor. Whether you’re interested in a large project like remodeling your entire home or making changes to a single room you can trust in licensed remodelers to provide a high quality of work, reliability while also reducing your liability for unexpected injuries while on the job.

Quality of Work

In order to become licensed, contractors in San Antonio must pass a series of tests and certifications. This provides documentation that proves their work meets a high standard set by the state. While it may be tempting to cut costs by hiring an unlicensed contractor to complete your project, their lower quality of work may require future remodeling to fix mistakes or poor construction. A licensed contractor will be able to help explain the costs of the job, the available options, and assure you the work they have contracted with you will be done to your satisfaction.


One of the biggest advantages to hiring a licensed remodeler is their reliability. A properly licensed contractor can handle any sized project and finish the work on time according to the work order. This license means they are skilled and trusted in their field and are accountable for the work they perform.

If you ever feel the work they perform doesn’t match the standard set by the state, there are several agencies to report to that will handle your complaint and contact the contractor to resolve the issue.


Licensed contractors must post a bond that protects consumers in the event of an accident and most will also supply workers’ compensation insurance. It’s unlikely that unlicensed contractors will offer the same insurance protections. Because of this, if an accident does occur, you’re at a greater risk of responsibility for covering any damages if you went with an unlicensed contractor. That’s why it’s important to have remodeling work done through licensed professionals with proven results.

With so many options available to homeowners, it can be overwhelming when selecting a contractor to complete a remodeling project, but it doesn’t have to be. By partnering with accountably and trusted licensed remodelers in San Antonio, you can make any home alteration and be confident the final result will be worth the investment.

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