The Common Areas That Require Green Mold Removal

When you suspect there is mold growth in your home, your first task is figuring out where it is coming from. While most homeowners will automatically assume it stems from the basement, you still need to know exactly where in the basement it starts. You also need to determine where it has spread to remove 100 percent of the toxic substance from your home. This makes finding where it originates before you start the process of green mold removal important.


One of the most common and obvious areas of trouble are plumbing leaks. This does not mean you have to have a large, obvious leak that causes severe damage. Even a small, steady leak can cause severe mold growth over time. There are a variety of signs to look for to determine if you are dealing with toxic growth, including discolored spots on the ceiling or walls, spots that are soft to the touch on wood or drywall and obvious wet spots on the floor or underneath sinks.


If you think about the cold and warm air your utilities pump out through the air ducts and the ability of the ducts to capture moisture, you will understand how mold can grow. If your ducts are not properly insulated or an unusual amount of moisture has accumulated in the dark spaces, mold is likely. Because air ducts blow air throughout your entire home, they provide one of the easiest ways to spread the spores throughout your home. If there are no apparent water leaks or obvious reasons for various growths, you should have your air ducts and utilities checked by a professional green mold removal.


Oftentimes, the mold can be found on windowsills or windows themselves. If you notice water spots on window treatments, soft or damaged windowsills or dark spots that were not there before, your windows or even your roof could be the issue. If you are unsure what is causing the issue, it is best to contact a professional to perform a thorough inspection, including taking appropriate samples to determine what your home contains.

Finding the reason your home is experiencing a mold problem can be confusing. If you look in the obvious places, such as near the pipes and in the basement, and are not successful, you might feel overwhelmed about the next step. Rather than leaving the success of your green mold removal to chance, hire a professional company to inspect and remove the substance for the most success.

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