The components of a dental implant

A tooth which is the result of an implant is made up of three components; a titanium implant, an abutment and a crown. The key to a successful implant is the titanium insert which is a screw like device which is imbedded into the jaw bone. Titanium has been proven to be one of only a few metals that will fuse with bone.

Prior to the mid 60s, the only solution for filling in the gap left when a tooth was missing was a bridge. A bridge is still used today but more and more people are opting for Dental Implants On Long Island. A bridge is a structural dental appliance that spans the gap and is affixed on the teeth either side of it. To properly affix a bridge in place it requires that the anchor teeth are partially destructed.

The titanium implant looks very much like a double ended screw; one end is tapered so that is can fit into the hole in the jaw that has been prepared by the dentist, the shape id quite similar to a tooth root. The implant can be inserted at the same time a tooth is extracted or it can be implanted months and even years after the loss of the tooth. Although the choice for the implant is titanium, modern alloys are becoming more and more popular as they are somewhat less expensive.

The placing of the implant is very important as the implant cannot be manipulated after it has become one with the bone. The dentist takes a series of X-Rays and from these the exact position is plotted. To have a successful implant, the bone must be healthy and there must be enough of it to hold the implant. The dentist takes great care when placing the implant as there are nerves in the lower jaw and the sinuses in the upper jaw which must be avoided.

Once the opening in the jaw bone has been made, the implant is inserted and screwed into place. The torque that is applied is checked with a miniature torque wrench as it must not exceed the force that will fracture the jaw. Once seated, the implant is covered with an abutment.

After a period of perhaps two to three months the dental implants on Long Island will have grown into the bone. At this time the crown can be affixed to the abutment and the patient has a new tooth, designed to last for years.

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