The Critical Services Provided by NPSVA

You can usually thank a security officer when you work, shop, or even enter your home without fear. You will find a well-trained Alexandria, Virginia Security Officer, as well as other security services, almost anywhere your community. These experts are quietly but efficiently guarding your safety as they provide:

PROTECTION AT EVENTS: Look around the next time you go to a football game, concert, county fair, or parade. You may notice personnel wearing jackets or shirts, marked, “Security”. However, chances are that officers will move through the crowd, almost unnoticed, but on the lookout for problems. They are trained to notice and prevent problems before they begin. Security officers can protect bystanders, coordinate with law enforcement, and help in emergencies.

PROTECTION FOR GATED COMMUNITIES: If you are lucky enough to live in a residential community that includes a gate and guardhouse, you enjoy an extra layer of protection. Trained guards stay alert and can spot unauthorized or dangerous intruders. They will carefully patrol the neighborhood, and notice suspicious behavior. Not only will they prevent theft, but can also assist when residents are in distress. If officers think you need medical help, they will call for help, and can perform CPR in emergencies.

BUSINESS SECURITY: A professionally-dressed security guard is often enough to prevent theft in banks and retail areas. They are also trained to spot shop-lifters and notice other signs of criminal behavior. Security forces can alert local police, and work with them, to catch criminals. Many businesses also hire security companies to guard buildings that are under construction. This prevents theft or damage to building equipment.

VIDEO SECURITY: Whether you want to keep and eye on your home while you are away, or want video surveillance for an entire mall, security professionals can help. Today’s security experts can install and monitor a system that records all activity on the premises. They can also provide remote video systems, so you can view your property on a computer or phone, no matter where you are.

Today there are few places where security professionals are not hard at work protecting you and your property. They keep you safe at events, at home, in businesses, via video surveillance, and more.

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