The debate on homes; new or old

by | Sep 16, 2013 | Real Estate

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In real estate quarters recently, there is a raging debate on which is the better way to go; to buy existing, pre-owned homes or new homes in Charlotte NC. At this moment both new homes and existing homes are great value, they only happen to have different assets and liabilities or better put; pros and cons. For those who are looking to purchase a home it is wise to seriously consider both; new and pre-owned.

New homes Charlotte NC have a great deal of appeal; everything about them is new and shiny. All the appliances that are fitted are top of the line; state-of-the-art and all the interior fittings are the best that money can buy. Most new homes that are being constructed on speculation are being built in subdivisions. These homes are all priced to sell and the potential for a marked increase in the price over the next few years is good. In many cases, the people who are purchasing these new homes are of somewhat similar age and social status. There will be children for your child to play with and there will probably be a number of leisure facilities for both kids and their parents.

Looking at the drawbacks of new homes, in many cases, unless they are architecturally designed and custom built; there is a tendency for all homes to look somewhat the same. There is not a lot of individualism shown both inside and outside. Usually these homes are on rather small lots which minimize the possibility of adding a swimming pool or other amenity.

Older homes on the other hand will have some benefits that are not available with a new home. In most cases the older home will have been built on a larger lot and by this time the gardens will be mature with imposing trees and shrubbery. As good as construction is these days, there are some areas which cannot compete with the workmanship of the past. Often the detail in the woodwork is outstanding where the woodwork in new homes can be rather basic.

Older homes have a certain charm about them but they can also be a major headache. The plumbing and electrical supply in older homes often has to be replaced; this can be a major cost. As well as this, some older homes shows a lot of wear and tear, all of which needs to be repaired.

There are benefits to both new homes in Charlotte NC and older homes, the choice is the buyers.