The different types of waste management and removal services

Long Island waste removal is a business that specializes in dealing with unwanted materials. There are a number of different materials, all requiring specific methods of collection, handling and disposal. Some companies may deal with only a specific form of waste disposal while others will offer the entire range of waste management services; these are residential, landfill management and recycling services.

In the typical residential scenario, people drop their unwanted items in small waste cans that are spread around the house, usually in the kitchen, bathrooms and even bedrooms. When these small cans are full, they are in turn emptied into larger trash bins located outdoors. These larger bins become full and they are collected on certain days of the week. Many municipalities collect residential waste but often expect commercial waste to be collected and disposed of by a private contractor.

In some areas, especially in remote rural places, people may have to bag their garbage and dispose of it personally as there is no service provided. When this is the case the residents usually take it to the local landfill.

There are many other types of material that requires Long Island waste removal. Large items such as discarded sofas and tree limbs cannot be put in the residential garbage truck or simply dropped at the dump; this waste requires bulk disposal services.

The types of waste collection and removal services discussed above are thought of as solid waste services; there is also a great deal of waste that travels through pipes for disposal. If the waste pipes from the sink and toilets are connected to a septic tank, there are companies who specialize in pumping the tank on a periodic basis, when the sinks and toilets are connected to a sanitary sewer; the waste goes to a waste water facility for treatment.

Hazardous wastes of all types require unique methods of disposal as well. Material such as paint, old motor oil, chemicals, etc, are not accepted by residential collectors in most instances. Hazardous waste is collected by special vehicles and disposed in ways that will not pose a risk to the environment, including human health. Hospital waste which can consist of blood contaminated sheets and sharps are usually disposed of in an incinerator.

If you are in the process of demolishing something, Long Island waste removal can eliminate all the accumulated trash, rubbish and debris, call 1-866-We-Junk-It today.

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