The Festool TS 55: Superiority in the Workforce

by | Sep 10, 2013 | Uncategorized

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The Festool TS 55 is a revolutionary product that has greatly helped those in the track saw industry. It combines accuracy with precision and speed to give quick cuts and fine sawing techniques that are finished within a matter of seconds. The track saw consists of a metallic guideline that guides the saw along the wood, to give a precise cut every time. The track can be altered to any specification, to ensure that the cut is always customized.

The Festool TS-55 is often used to cut through straight pieces of wood by either cutting them in half, or by cutting at varying angles. You will never have to worry about splintering, and the finished product should be completely smooth to the touch. The razor sharp blades allow for accuracy with every single cut that is made.

The Benefits of TS 55

The Festool TS-55 stays ahead of the competition, by offering complete efficiency and precision cutting. It enables construction workers to carry out their daily duties in half the time that it would take them if they did not have the product. It is extremely maneuverable, and it can be transported with ease. That is why it is so heavily used at construction sites around the world. The best thing about a track saw is that it can be completely customized to your personal preferences. Track saws can be purchased in multiple lengths. Some are longer with thin blades, while others are shorter with thicker blades. There are tons of different attachments and accessories that can be purchased as well, depending on what your intended use is. The Festool TS-55 comes with many different types of attachments that are included, and blades that are suitable for all purposes. From cutting glass to wooden panels and door frames, the possibilities are endless.


When you want a premium product that is durable and tough enough to get the job done, Festool products are second to none. There are many online suppliers that offer a range of these products. The great thing about the products is that they are extremely affordable, considering that they are made from strong materials that will last forever. Anyone on any type of budget will be able to afford Festool products. sells Festool TS-55 hand tracking saws and other associated products. They are known for their premium products and great prices.