The London Travel Journal – Places to Visit Near Euston Road

In central London, Euston Road is an easily accessible destination, mainly because it is home to the well-known Euston Station. It is a famous landmark for Londoners and visitors both. Primarily, Euston Station has gained its popularity because there are trains departing to and arriving from numerous important destinations all over the United Kingdom. For some, Euston Station marks the beginning of their journey, while for others it serves as a finale to their trip.

Nevertheless, there are many travellers who visit London for the purpose of spending their holidays. Most of these travellers first arrive at Euston Station. It would not be wrong to state that Euston becomes their first ever interaction with the city of London. According to popular belief, the first impression is the last impression. In this context, Euston is able to do complete justice for first time visitors to the city. Being centrally situated, Euston Station is close to many tourist attractions. As a result, most travellers are on the search for hotels near euston station.Again, with the strategic significance of its location, there is a wide range of hotels near Euston Station that can satisfy varying needs of customers according to their budget and preferred services.

Once travellers find an accommodation in the said vicinity, they can enjoy access to several world famous destinations and attractions.

West End of London

As the name of the area suggests, heading westward from the centrally located Euston Station, the West End of London is an area worth visiting. The West End has something to offer for everyone; museums, theatres, shops, corporate buildings, universities, art galleries, restaurants, and so on.

The Regent’s Park

This destination, with area coverage of 395 acres, should not be missed out on. Firstly, visitors feel overwhelmed by looking at the countless species of flowers present in the gardens at Regent’s Park. For instance, it is a breathtaking experience to see 400 varieties of roses in Queen Mary’s Gardens. Furthermore, the sports facility at Regent’s Park is called the Hub, which is known to be the largest one in the whole of London. A visit to the Hub for a recreational activity can easily make one recover from all the hustle bustle of metropolitan life.

St. Pancras International

Towards the eastern direction from Euston Station is the St. Pancras International railway station. The uniqueness of this station is its glorious Victorian architecture. The station also has displays of art pieces for the general public to look at and appreciate. Most of these are sculptures like bronze statues, designed by famous artists.

British Library

For fans of literature, the British Library is truly a heaven to visit. There are innumerable collections of books, magazines, manuscripts, newspapers, maps, etc. The British Library continues to revise, update, and expand its collections by adding 3 million new items each year.

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