The Pitfalls of Fine Art Shipping

by | May 31, 2013 | Moving Services

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There are many different kinds of problems that can arise when it comes to packing and shipping fine artwork. Many of these are caused by poor packing. Making sure your artwork arrives safely to the customer is a big challenge. There are many tips and suggestions that can help you send your package to your customer unscathed. These simple guidelines will save valuable time and money.

Packing Artwork Properly

Whether or not you are shipping your artwork with a frame or without, you want to make sure it receives designer delivery services Los Angeles by using paper wrapping around the entire piece. This will show the customer that you cared enough about the piece to protect it with extra wrapping and it will protect the surface of the work. The buyer will know that piece of art means more to you than just making a sale. When you have a client that is satisfied they will be yours for life.

Sturdy Boxing

One of the best ways to protect the art and to ensure designer delivery services in Los Angeles is to send the painting using a strong box. These boxes come with or without a liner. If the painting is valued on the high end, it is a good idea to use the lined box. These boxes are available in all different ranges of sizes, and they are very easy to use and very affordable to ship. Most people never experience any issues when using this type of box.

Bubble Wrap

If you decide to go the bubble wrap route, then you should place a cardboard liner over the face of the painting before you begin with the bubble wrap. The bubble wrap should give three to four inches of padding around the piece of artwork. The sides or corners should have excess padding because they tend to get banged up easier. Some art professionals ship using crating, so this is when bubble wrap comes in handy. After the painting is wrapped, you should use extra sheets of cardboard and additional bubble wrap. Extra padding will make sure that the artwork is fully protected, thus saving money.

Sealed Packaging

The last part of the process before the box is sealed is to include your invoice on the interior of the box. If anything should happen to the art when it is in transit, the invoice will be useful in proving what the contents are and to verify the address it is being shipped to.

When you are in the market for designer delivery services Los Angeles, Artpack is the company to go to. Their professional staff is ready to help you with all of your packing needs. They care about your artwork as much as you do.