The Similarities between Psychic Readings and Astrology Readings

by | Aug 27, 2013 | Society & News

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Psychic Advisors and Psychic Mediums often use a wide range of tools to assist when they are providing guidance to their clients.  Astrology, Tarot, and crystals are great focal points and can be extremely beneficial in assisting the intuitive in receiving information accurately. The method of tracking the stars for predictive use has been used and studied for 1000’s of years. Our bodies are made of stars, and we are all energy of the universe. It has been proven that the gravitational pull of even simply our own moon has great effects on the oceans and the alignment of our planet. We as human beings are 80% water. It does not take s psychic to understand that the position of the stars has a great influence on us all.  Psychic and astrology readings go hand in hand. They both will predict a client’s future, but using different methods to achieve the same goal. Love and relationship, career and finance, and other topics relating to a person’s life may be discussed in these readings as well. Astrology is completely based on your date of birth, the time and location you were born, and other factual data about your life.  It will combine that information with the alignment of the moon, sun, and planets on a particular day and time.  Psychic Readings are based on the advisors personal intuition and feelings.

Why Readings Are Not 100% Accurate.

Many people across the planet consider Online Psychic Readings as a reasonable way to receive non-biased 3rd party opinions on their life and decisions, even if they are skeptical about the process.  An Online Psychic Advisor can look into the past, examine the present and predict many future events.  It is important to realize that the success of a psychic reading is a team effort. The psychic may provide the client advice to take in a situation.  If the client declines to take that advice (which they have the free will to do), the future will be altered. Also, the further a prediction is in the future…the more likely events will change.  Psychics can accurately predict the life of their client in the short term because the client has control of their actions.  However, predictions about people other than the client may change greatly due to the free-will actions we all possess and no direct counseling and guidance provided to that person from the psychic advisor.

The Evolution of Psychics and Astrologers

Psychics and Astrologers have been gracing the earth since the beginning of time. No modality endure without truth being associated with it.  It is believed that the people able to predict events based on an astrological charts or intuition have inherited this ability from their ancestors.  In reality, we all have the ability to perceive. The difference lies in the fact that if they as children grew up around psychic arts, they were never told “is in not real” and did not “turn off” or ignore this natual ability.  It is important to note that even though the two are similar in what they offer, psychics are completely different than astrologers.  An ethical advisor (astrologer or psychic), will provide options for their client to consider.  Success is a matter of taking personal responsibility in ones lives and accepting the reality that we always have the ability to change out life for the better…even if that is the harder choice.

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