Tips for Working with a California Private Investigator

If you suspect your spouse may be cheating on you, it is important not to tip your hand too early. It can be tempting to run to your spouse and start throwing accusations his way to get him to see his wrongs and hurt him as much as he has hurt you. While you will be able to confront your spouse as soon as you know the truth, you need to protect yourself while you work with a California private investigator.

Dedicated Communication

Using your usual email address and telephone number can be risky business while you are working with a private investigator. Therefore, it is often best to open a new email address and possibly even buy a pay-as-you-go phone you can use for all your communications. This will reduce the chances your spouse will be alerted that you are looking into his behavior, giving him the opportunity to hide his behavior from you and your private investigator.

Don’t Talk about It

Another temptation people experience when hiring a California private investigator is to confide in someone about your suspicions. This can be detrimental to your case, though. Even telling someone you trust completely can cause problems. If someone says something to the wrong person or even in the hearing of the wrong person, word can get to your spouse, causing many problems before you are ready to confront the truth.

Act Normal

One of the most difficult things to handle during this time is your own behavior. You already feel betrayed and that can make it difficult to interact with your spouse in the same way you did before. However, it is important not to allow him to notice any behavior changes in you or he may become suspicious of your knowledge. Even if he doesn’t think you know, he may begin to think there is something wrong and may begin to cover his tracks.

If you have gone through all the trouble of hiring a California private investigator, you need to make sure you don’t impede your case in any way. While you are working with the investigator, it is best to create a dedicated method of communication with the investigator. You should also keep this information to yourself until the investigation is over and act as normal as possible to avoid raising any suspicions in your spouse. If you play your cards right, you will be able to confront him soon enough.




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