Tooth Care in Children

You know what they say, a smile says the same thing in any language and that includes the smile of children. Keep your child’s teeth and gum’s healthy with the help of the experienced staff at childrens dental warrenton va.

The American Dental Association feels that you should take your child for the first dental visit around the age of one. Seeing the child at this early age gives the dentist the ability to evaluate the growth and development of the teeth and jaws. This visit will also allow the dentist to assess any other conditions that may be present and start developing a rapport with the child.

Before the first teeth come in, germs can form easily in a child’s mouth. Some of these germs can cause tooth decay so it’s very important to get in the habit of taking care of your baby’s mouth before they even get their first tooth. Cavities that a child gets in early childhood can wreck havoc on their teeth and need to be treated. Early childhood cavities are caused baby bottle tooth decay or nursing mouth.

The health of the parent is also important to the teeth of the child. Germs in their mouth can cause cavities and can actually be passed along while feeding and caring for the child. It is equally important that you as a parent, take care of the well being of your own mouth as well.

You can start caring for your child’s teeth before the first dental visit. Begin wiping your child’s teeth with a clean washcloth when they first start coming in. When the child is about 9 or 10 months old you can start brushing their teeth. They should have about three or four teeth at this stage. Use only water in the child’s bottle at nap time and bedtime. Make sure that your child gets plenty of fluoride which prevents tooth decay.

The experienced staff at childrens dental warrenton va can help your child keep that smile for his entire life. Your dentist can also give you information designed to prevent tooth decay in your child and can also help get your child to make brushing teeth a habit they keep with them their entire life.

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