Top 10 Women’s Magazines

In today’s world, finding the time to unwind, read a good book or simply relax is a rare occasion. Perhaps that is why so many people have turned towards magazines, because of their simple nature. A magazine is a source of information and entertainment, especially for those busy bees, running around as they try to keep up with their busy schedule. When you pick up a magazine, you have the world in your hands, since it’s packed full of stories, news, gossip, quizzes, latest fashion trends, and much more.

Are you feeling left behind? Do you feel like your job, your schedule is keeping you in the dark? Then why not pick up a magazine and indulge yourself for an hour. You owe it to yourself to be in touch with the world.

So, let’s take a look at the top 10 women’s magazines. You should keep a look out for:

None other than …

1. Vogue
Perhaps one of the most talked about magazines out there, it carries with it the essence of the A-celebrity world. Renowned for its fashion tips, Vogue offers readers the latest fashion trends from both the high streets and the catwalk.

And what about being in …

2. Shape
This is a magazine that is devoted to help you achieve that ultimate body shape and gain confidence. It will keep you updated with the latest exercise tips and diets, while encouraging you to live a healthier life.

So, then why not take a trip to the …

3. Bazaar
This is a magazine that is full of beauty secrets, celebrity gossip and is an all-out fashion guide to the latest fashion trends. It is often described as being less conventional, but more unique.

And you might just get …

4. Lucky
A women’s magazine that is exactly what it says on its cover, “Lucky”. Why? Well, it offers you the sexiest fashion items on a real bargain. Who can resist?

So while you’re at it, you can even take a look at the …

5. Bust
A revolutionary magazine that focuses primarily on women’s needs, it can range from the latest fashion trends to serious issues like feminism.

Now, why not add a little dance fever in your life, with the …

6. Tango
A magazine that is based entirely on love, it’s full of relationship advice, problems, sex tips and much more.

That way, you can focus on your …

7. Body & Soul
A magazine dedicated to women’s health and body. It’s full of tips on how to live a healthy and positive lifestyle.

But, a magazine that you need to have is …

8. O, The Oprah Magazine
A magazine for every woman out there, it’s full of dreams, inspirational stories and includes fashion trends, beauty tips and much, much more, catering to every woman’s needs.

And for those teenage girls …

9. Teen Vogue
A magazine for every aspiring woman-to-be, this is a magazine that you would gladly give to your daughter as it is full of advice about teenage problems as well as fashion trends and beauty tips.

And lastly, we have the …

10. Cosmopolitan
A magazine that comes highly recommended by women, it indulges itself in every aspect of a woman’s life and is renowned for its hot sex tips and sexualized nature.

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