Types of Injury Lawyers That You Can Hire

by | Apr 22, 2013 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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The field of personal injury is quite a large field of law. It can be broken up into several larger categories though. These larger categories for personal injury include transportation accidents, premises liability accidents, medical related accidents, and personal attacks. Most personal injury accidents can be classified into each of these larger categories.

Car Accidents

For transportation accidents, this can mean automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, public transportation accidents, and even agricultural related accidents. These types of accidents basically happen when a person fails to obey the traffic laws or does something that is negligent in behavior. In most cases, it is pretty easy to determine who is at fault here. The main question is whether or not it is an injury that warrants a legal claim. A good personal personal injury lawyer Tampa will be able to help make this determination and help with the proceedings, as well.


Premises liabilities and injuries are a little harder to prove but is still not that terribly difficult to prove. They can occur at a person’s place of residence, business property, or at a public location. Common injuries for this category include dog bites, injuries from construction areas, and injuries from slips and falls. Sometimes product related injuries can be lumped into this category, as well. An example would be a defective product that resulted in a person getting injured from the defective product.


Injuries from personal attacks can include child abuse cases, muggings, assault, rape, hate crimes, and other abuses. These can be difficult to prove if there is not substantial evidence. That does not mean that a victim should not pursue the case though. A good injury lawyer Tampa can help a person walk through the entire process and bring the person or entity to justice.


Finally, the other main category for personal injuries is medical related. This includes medical malpractice cases, prescription drug recalls, denial of insurance benefits, medical abuses, and more. Often times these are the hardest types of personal injury cases to prove especially for medical malpractice cases. The state laws require an almost overwhelming amount of evidence in order to prove the case. It is very important to hire a personal injury lawyer that has a really good understanding of the medical procedures and injuries that can result from those procedures. This will only further help a victim in their medical injury case.

Of course, there are some other types of personal injuries that may not fall exactly into any of these main categories. These main categories to cover a vast majority of the cases though. Knowing where the victim’s personal injury case falls can help in reaching a decision on which lawyer or law firm to hire.