Unreliable Air Conditioner? Hire an Air Conditioning Contractor in Lawrenceville, GA Contractor

Georgia summers get very hot and humid. Air conditioning doesn’t just keep people comfortable, it helps keep them alive. Heat waves kill many more people than blizzards. During the 1896 ten-day heatwave in New York City over 1,500 people died. Yes, that was well before air conditioners were available. However, 2003 was the hottest European summer since 1540 and nearly 70,000 people died. Part of the problem is that power grids can’t handle the load of all of the air conditioners and the system fails. It’s truly important that local residents hire an Air Conditioning Lawrenceville GA contractor to help keep their system working. If they are concerned about a power failure, they might want to consider a standby generator.

Local Citywide Air Conditioning and Heating contractors know how important regular maintenance is to a system. They often let customers sign up for a service contract. For a flat fee they receive between two and four planned maintenance visits a year. That ensures that the filters are always clean and that there’s enough refrigerant to keep the air cool. In the south where the cooling season can be quite long and intense, four maintenance visits can be a good strategy. A clean air conditioning system with clear filters will break down far less frequently. Industry reports estimate that 30 percent of emergency calls could have been prevented with regular inspections.

Many people who suffer from COPD or asthma are terrified of having their air conditioning system breakdown when there’s a heatwave. When they select an Air Conditioning Lawrenceville GA contractor, they should question what the average wait is for emergency service. It’s good to ask how many technicians are on call on any one night or weekend. If five customers request help and they all have a preferential service plan, that could still mean a long wait. It’s also good to ask how often they need parts that aren’t in the repair van. Most companies have a very good idea of what parts frequently wear out and what brands their customers need. It saves a lot of time, if the technician doesn’t have to order a part. Contact us for more information.

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