Useful Oral Care Tips from Children’s Dentist, Wilmington

Oral health care is very important and children’s dentist, Wilmington recommends that this should start from birth. Good oral care practices coupled with frequent visits to a dentist are two major factors that ensure durability of the teeth. Below are some of the health care practices that the specialists recommend for children and adolescents.

Hygiene practices for toddlers should begin even before the first teeth begin to emerge. This is because baby formula and breast milk contain sugars which may damage the jaw. Thus children’s dentist recommends parents and caregivers to clean the gums of the baby regularly using a damp cloth. The gums are very tender and thus the cloth used should be very soft so as to ensure no damage is caused. It should also be clean and dampened with clean water.

Parents or caregivers should minimize their children’s intake of snacks that are rich in sugar. This is because sugar promotes growth of harmful bacteria and formation of acid which will damage the teeth. If they snack on foods rich in sugar, they should brush their teeth thereafter. Such sugary snacks should never be given at night since this is when there is a high likelihood of being transformed into acid.

When the teeth begin to emerge, children’s dentist recommend that you begin using a toothbrush and tooth paste for cleaning the teeth. The brush should be soft bristled since the jaw is still young. You can get the ones made specifically for kids from the store. You should also buy toothpaste that is specifically made for kids. You can ask the dentist for a recommendation or do some research on the different brands in the market. You should not use any toothpaste since it might be too strong for them. The toothbrush should be replaced after every two or three months.

It is important to choose a children’s dentist for your child a few weeks after they are born. This is a specialist who performs checkups for early detection and treatment of any dental issues.

As the child gets older, the parent should begin teaching them how to clean and floss their teeth on their own. Let the child clean their teeth as you watch so as to ensure that they do it properly. They should start doing it without your supervision once you are sure that they are doing it properly. This is because if the teeth are not properly cleaned the food particles left will lead to tooth decay.

These oral health care practices will ensure that your child avoids dental problems. In addition to these you should also visit a children’s dentist, Wilmington so that they can help with your baby’s dental development.

Appropriate dental care is necessary from infancy. Visit Delaware Children’s Dentist for more tips by a children’s dentist on how to take care of your children’s dental health.

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