Using Private Investigators in New York for a Child Custody Battle

by | Sep 24, 2012 | Business Services

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Going through a child custody battle is an unpleasant experience for everyone involved, especially the children. If there is a divorce along with a custody battle, the entire process can get messy, and everyone can forget the matter at heart. When there is a battle over who is going to have sole custody of the children, sometimes it is necessary to enlist the help of private investigators in New York. An impartial third party will give only the important facts to the lawyers so the appropriate decision can be made.

The Right Facts

Rather than relying on the testimonies of the parents involved in the battle, lawyers can rely on the factual information a private investigator provides. An investigator will provide both the good and the bad to help lawyers and judges determine which parent would provide the best environment for the children. There does not necessarily have to be any wrong doing going on; the investigator simply looks into the type of life each spouse leads to determine where the kids would thrive the best.

When the facts rely on what each spouse has to say about the other, they might not actually relay facts but more emotional feelings they have toward one another. This is especially true if there are hard feelings involved in the divorce or if there was adultery or another type of cheating involved.

Showing the Necessary Conduct

If there is anything going on with either parent that is legally or ethically unacceptable, a private investigator will uncover those facts and present them in a matter-of-fact way so they can be used during the custody battle. While many spouses want to think the worst of an ex-husband or ex-wife, any wrong doing needs to be proven in court to be used.

Keep the Children in Mind

The most important aspect of a custody battle is remembering who it is about – the children. While husbands and wives might want to jump down each other’s throats or make sure neither party gets what they want in regard to custody of the children, what is important is finding the best home for the children. This home needs to be free from conflict and wrong doing. The best way to ensure this is to use private investigators in New York who can help the court decide who the best fit parent is.