Wall Beds May Be a Good Choice

by | May 16, 2013 | Home and Garden

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There are many types of beds in the world. Some bed preferences even change from state to state. For instance, Wall Bed NYC may be the bed of choice in New York. Given the small spaces in some cramped apartments, a bed that can be put way into a wall is going to save space. And for college kids or young, single guys hiding their sleep space means not having to make the bed. This can save both time and potentially money. By not having the sheets visible, perhaps the wall bed owner can save money on laundering the sheets.

A wall bed can be an interesting addition to a spare room as well. It would certainly help convert an area from a home office into a guest room. Or for those individuals who like to work 24 hours a day, it would give them a place to rest up without being far away from their work. In a home with little storage space, a wall bed could free up valuable floor space. Also, many wall beds come with a set of locking drawers that are built into the underside of the bed. This feature allows for a dresser type of storage that becomes visible on the wall when the bed is in the stowed position. The drawers have special locking mechanisms that prevent them from falling open when the bed is set down. Having a drawer fall open could be a personal injury hazard.

Because the installation of a wall bed involves tearing into a wall, not all buyers will be comfortable with doing this effort by themselves. Calling a contractor to install a Wall Bed NYC may be a good idea especially for those individuals who are not technically inclined. Replacing an existing wall bed would be easier as installation instructions will come with the new purchase. A contractor will be able to install a new wall bed within a single day and can make sure no extra damage will be done to the wall or possible wiring that may be behind the wall. When one is uncertain about their skill set, it is always best to call a professional.