What Are Different Types of Clinics In Levelland?

by | May 8, 2013 | Health Care

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Three types of clinics are community clinics, free clinics and retail walk-in clinics. These clinics are licensed for their health care services by the state and federal government. These clinics, such as the Clinics Levelland, are independently owned and operated and can offer a variety of services much like your local doctor’s office. The main difference is that you don’t need insurance to be seen at a clinic.

Lastly, there is one additional type of clinic and those are referred to as retail walk-in clinics. These are not staffed by doctors but by nurse practitioners and may lack the more precise equipment needed to diagnose more complicated illnesses. They are great for common illnesses such as colds, skin conditions or other bacterial infections that are not serious.

You will find the first two types of clinics usually in areas where the poor or at-risk population resides. The free clinics are obviously free while the other type offer services based on income. These clinics also will see patients with government insurance such as Medicare and Medicaid.

Clinics are independently run by a board of volunteers that are able to help with differences in cultural and economic disparities. Besides medical attention, they also help in getting patients to medical appointments to get the care they need. Also being available on the weekend and evenings help patients to get medial attention when it is convenient for them.

Going to a clinic does not mean that you will have less access to medical help. A clinic is available for primary health care, non-emergency situations and other typical out patient services. Some clinics even have dental services on site along with mental and pharmacy services. X-rays, vision, obstetrics, referrals and other basic medical needs are provided at most clinics.

The government funding for these organizations and any compliance to medical procedures are under the FQHC’s ruling. The FQHC, or Federally Qualified Health Center, do not receive grant money because they are non-profit, community based, patient driven companies. Start up fees for these clinics and Clinics Levelland can range and max out at $650,00. There are government assistance plans to get started and reimbursed for the initial costs.