What are holistic doctors?

by | Aug 3, 2013 | Health Care

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In many cases holistic doctors in MA are licensed medical practitioners who have taken further courses and obtained further education in the practice of holistic medicine. Holistic treatments cover a wide range and include acupuncture, acupressure, therapeutic massage, meditation and aromatherapy. The concept of a holistic approach to treatment is to treat the person as a whole, not only the body but the emotions as well.

Those medical doctors who have earned an advanced degree in holistic medicine allow the doctor to use a more well-rounded approach to medical treatments as the doctor can comfortably combine traditional western medicine with holistic remedies as well. In many cases, this hybrid approach to treatment is superior to either type of medicine being used on its own. The hybrid approach allows the patient to receive care for both the physical ailment and the emotional well-being is being cared for as well. Until such time as there is no alternative, harsh treatments including medication with their side effects are put off until the holistic doctors in MA think they are absolutely necessary.

Other holistic doctors may not be MDs; however, they have in depth training in the chosen careers. These holistic practitioners will have studied in institutions dedicated to holistic medicine. Many holistic practices do not require that the practitioner be a certified medical doctor or attend medical school however, there are holistic practices that take as long to master.

Patients of doctors who practice western medicine can be approached to find a holistic doctor in the area. There are those in the conventional medical arena who do not put much credence in holistic approaches but this attitude is wearing down as more and more patients are demanding this treatment and more and more doctors are taking it up as an alternative in their practice. It is being realized that many patient ailments which are mild may be more safely and easily treated holistically than by using chemically based medicine.

There are some holistic doctors who focus on a certain aspect of healing; with these doctors not all forms of treatment are available. If the doctor you are using is not skilled in acupuncture, you will be referred to holistic doctors in MA who have the skill and knowledge.