What are roofing tiles?

by | Sep 19, 2013 | Roofing

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There are many different materials that are used for roofing in Fort Collins CO, tiles being just one of them. Roofing tiles are either flat or semi-circular; when they are installed they overlap in such a way that rainwater simply runs in the many little channels that are formed when the tiles are installed. Most tiles are clay but they are also manufactured from synthetic materials, they can vary in color but terra-cotta is a common color for the product. If the homeowner wishes to roof his house with tiles he must consider the strength of the roof framing, the pitch of the roof, the architectural effect and budget.

Tiles are only usable on roofs with a pitch; they cannot be employed on a flat roof. The slope must be steep enough that gravity alone will take the rain water down into the gutter which surrounds the roof and eventually into the storm water system. If the roof is flat, or almost flat, there are other roofing materials that are appropriate. When roofing Fort Collins CO leaks, the fault can usually be traced to a problem with the installation, not the materials, unless of course the wrong materials were chosen for the circumstances. When any roof is being put on, particularly a tiled roof, professional roofers must be used, there is more to putting on a roof than simply interlocking the tiles. It may be necessary for the roofers to even reinforce an area of the roof before they begin and of course, without the proper installation of flashing, the roof will leak like a sieve.

There are a number of materials that are suitable for a tile roof; two of the favorites are ceramic or clay and slate. Ceramic and clay tiles look similar to half a section of pipe and are ideal for use with a house that is built in the Spanish style, using adobe and other traditional materials. Slate on the other hand is a natural material and it comes in many shades, from inky black to green and gray. Slate will outlast the normal house, it can last hundreds of years as a roofing material. Both these materials are extremely expensive, not only to purchase but to install. There are roofing materials that copy these materials closely and may be a better choice.

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