What are Terrazzo Floors?

Terrazzo is an exceedingly versatile type of material created by Venetian mosaic workers during the 15th century that is used for making floors. Usually, terrazzo floors are made from marble chips embedded in a cement base, grounded flat and then topped off with a sealer. Sometimes modern terrazzo is made from other materials, but it still normally has a base made from concrete or epoxy.

Terrazzo Can Be Made with Different Materials and Patterns

Marble is the main material used in making terrazzo floors, but other materials that have been used include metallic substances, as well as recycled glass, or natural products such as mother of pearl. Additionally, it can be made into patterns like logos, text, abstract shapes, or others to liven up the finished design.

Terrazzo Making a Comeback in Popularity

While terrazzo floors were usually linked to popularity in the 1970s and 80s, it has started to become popular once again. That’s because people want floors that are durable, easy to clean and are also healthy and easy to maintain while providing a unique look.

It is easy to change up a terrazzo pattern to meet individual needs, which is another reason people are once again turning to using this type of flooring. Plus, it requires just a quick sweep to keep it clean and neat. However, be sure not to use acidic products on terrazzo floors or it could ruin them. Instead, use a natural cleaner with pH level of 7 to 10.

Major Benefits of Terrazzo Flooring Options

As you can see, terrazzo floors have a lot of benefits, including the following:

  • Unique, customizable appearance to suit any type of decor
  • Tremendously durable, outlasts other kinds of flooring
  • Maintainable, and environmentally friendly
  • Much lower maintenance costs
  • Less expensive flooring option based on its longer life span
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