What are the Benefits to Pinterest Marketing?

by | Sep 17, 2013 | Business and Economy, Internet Marketing

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More and more Los Angeles based companies are looking to social media as a way to build up a better relationship with their existing clients as well as to attract new ones. The big focus is, of course, on Twitter and Facebook, but there are many benefits to using Pinterest marketing in Los Angeles as well. Pinterest has become an extremely popular platform and millions use it each and every day. You can easily tap into these millions and start taking advantage of the benefits by considering Pinterest marketing in Los Angeles.

Increased Awareness of Your Product

If you aren’t quite sure what Pinterest is, it is essentially a social media site that is based on photos. So, instead of using words to describe a product that your business might offer, on Pinterest, you will use a photo of your product. These images, when liked and re-pinned by your followers, will eventually allow your products to be seen by millions of potential new customers that make have never heard of your business previously.

Increased Traffic to Your Site

Another added benefit of doing marketing on Pinterest is that you will find increased traffic to your website. When Pinterest users click on a pin, they will be taken to a website…so essentially, your products can send anyone who clicks the photograph directly to the site where they can purchase it. By adding these relevant links to your site, you will quickly see your traffic booming.

Why You Need a Professional

Though, as you can see, Pinterest can really help your business, there are a few things you will need to know about it. First of all, the vast majority of users on Pinterest are women. So, if you sell products or services that cater to women, you are going to be in luck. This doesn’t mean you cannot use Pinterest to aim at males, it simply means you will definitely need help from an expert.

Speaking of experts, another reason why you may need a professional for Pinterest marketing is because quality counts. Only high quality, professional photographs should be used on Pinterest as well, especially those that are going to gain a reaction from your target audience. Pinterest can certainly be an amazing way to market, you just need to ensure you are doing it correctly with a professional marketing firm.