What are the Different Types of Dentists in Bel Air?

When you were a child you probably remember your mom and dad telling you to brush your teeth regularly. They probably reminded you that you should also floss. Those are great pointers but there really is much more to taking proper care of your teeth and gums. That is why there are several different types of dentists who provide services to patients with various needs. Here are some different types of dentists and what services they routinely perform.

Pediatric Dentist

Pediatric Dentists in Bel Air area will be the dentist you would want to take your child to. Many of these dentists will perform dentistry work on your child up to the age of 18. Some will even see a child until they turn 21. These dentist have special training that gives them the ability to perform dental procedures on children. They can also help enforce good oral hygiene with your child by discussing the importance in ways that a child will understand.

General Dentist

General Dentists Bel Air are those dentists that adults visit for their routine dental care. They offer services such as cleaning, tooth extraction and root canals. Those are just some basic examples of the services they offer. They can also do x-rays of your teeth and gums and use those as a diagnostic tool. This will be the dentist that will perform an oral exam on you and determine if there are problems with your oral health. Some general dentists may also do a certain amount of cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic Dentist

This is the type of dentist that most people schedule an appointment with for things such as teeth whitening, dental implants or dental veneers. These dentists work on making your teeth look better. They also do some repairs on teeth and realignments. A cosmetic dentist primarily performs any type of procedure that can improve the appearance of your teeth.

Those are the three most common types of dentists that people often visit. Each of these professional practitioners offer various services to their patients. The services offered are sometimes routine and occasionally they may have a dental emergency that requires fast treatment.

Always remember to visit your dentist regularly. Proper oral hygiene will help ensure that your oral cavity remains as healthy as it possibly can.

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