What are the Rules for Riding up Front in a Taxi?

by | Jul 18, 2013 | Law

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Many people are not aware of the rules and regulations surrounding riding in a taxi, especially if it is your first time to utilize the services of one. One of the most common questions that is asked about riding in an Arlington, MA taxi is about the seating arrangements. In many cities all over the place, people ponder this question. For example, if the rear seats in the back of the cab are full, is it ok for the last passenger to ride in the front seat by the driver? In almost any circumstance, it would be ok. When the rear passenger seats are full, then it is feasible for another passenger to ride in the front seat next to the driver. Most taxi drivers anywhere are ok with this option.

Front Seat Riding

Generally, no one is allowed to ride in the front seat next to the driver, and this is primarily for safety reasons and the protection of the Arlington, MA taxi driver. Many times passengers will settle into the back seat and find the ride to be comfortable. They can relax as they sit in the back seat, talk on their cell phone, or read a newspaper on the way to their destination. Sometimes a cab driver has passengers who are unruly. The driver could be subjected to verbal assaults so having passengers in the rear compartment, makes it easier to deal with them. Normally these kinds of situations occur with a single passenger, so that is why they are required to ride in the rear.

Get the Most Out of a Taxi

It is often a good idea to plan ahead when you are traveling in groups of three or more. Sometimes a better option is to contact the Arlington MA taxi company to see if they have a larger capacity vehicle available. Many taxis do not have enough seat-belts in the rear of the car to accommodate more than two people. If you are traveling with four or more people you should understand it will take more than one car to accommodate your group, unless you have made other arrangements with the taxi company. They should be able to accommodate your group and make suitable arrangements if riding together in a group is important. Some companies have vans that are available to carry larger groups. Many of them are very happy to send one out to your location. Bear in mind that larger vehicles may cost more.