What is preterism revelation

Often times, when people read the Bible, they find they have questions about the events and values depicted in it. There are many versus that are left open to interpretation or simply leave the reader confused and asking questions. Usually this occurs with events that happened centuries ago, and there may not be very much historical data to support or deny the claims. This is a normal thought process and there are people who wonder the same things especially when thinking about some of the Bibles greatest mysteries. There are a few men and women who specifically research the Bibles toughest questions and then bring the history to light. They do this by thoroughly researching the Biblical and historical elements of the Bible and the history of the time period. They then compare the two histories to make sure that the information matches up. This is called preterism revelation.

The research thoroughly depicts prophecies that have already occurred in the Bible and throughout history. These events usually took place around the first century. It is believed that it came about during the Counter Reformation and was first used by the Jesuit Luis de Alcasar. The use of preterism was a means to stop Protestant attacks against the Catholic church. At the time Protestants believed that the pope was the anti-Christ.

Researchers who study the Bible spend a good deal of time looking over all historical documents as well as comparing the information to the events described in the Bible. They take great pride in their work and make sure that it is as accurate as possible. There are many people who strive to seek out this knowledge and share it with others. For some this is a job or a hobby that they enjoy sharing with others who seek the unanswered questions the bible has. This knowledge and findings has become so interesting and popular that it can even be found through the use of the internet,

Those who research preterism revelation are usually well versed in the Bible and able to decipher its deepest meanings with ease. They pay great attention to detail and the wording so that they can correctly translate these questions for others.

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