What to do when you suffer from blocked drains

Due to the vast quantity and nature of substances that pass through drains every week, they are unfortunately quite susceptible to encountering complications and blockages which will require immediate attention. Failure to address blocked drains can be disastrous, as you could soon find your pipes have burst and you have severe leaking and flooding all around your property. There are many clear signs of blocked drains, some subtle and some obvious. The most obvious sign is severe leaking and dripping emanating from your pipes – this shows that something within the pipe is preventing the flow of water from continuing naturally, and it then must find an alternative avenue to flow through. More subtle signs of blocked drains in Kent include fluids draining much more slowly than they usually do – if your water takes a lot longer to exit down your drain, this means that a blockage is slowing down the passage of fluid through your pipes. Because blocked drains can quickly grow and become severe, it is highly recommended that you seek out professional help immediately.

First be certain that you are suffering from blocked drains

Before you do call professionals who deal with blocked drains in Kent, you need to have a certain level of certainty that your drains are actually blocked. Many drain blockages can only be minor in severity, and can be treated with chemical cleaning fluids that help to dislodge substances. If your water is exiting through your drains slightly slower than usual, then usually this problem can be fixed with a drain unblocking substance. If you begin to notice more serious problems then this is a clear sign that you need to seek out a professional drain cleaning company immediately before the problem becomes disastrous.

Find a company with expertise in unblocking drains

Unblocking drains can be a complex task requiring a high level of experience and specialist equipment. Attempting to do it yourself could end up disastrously, with you causing more damage than there originally was. Professionals with years of experience in cleaning drains will know exactly what the problem is, and can use their expertise and equipment to effectively deal with the problem and stop it from occurring in the future.

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