What to Expect at an Abortion Clinic in Chicago

All patients are treated with the same amount of compassion, dignity, and respect regardless of which Abortion Clinic in Chicago they choose to go to. Every Abortion Clinic in Chicago will make it their goal to ensure that your experience is private and confidential. You can come into an abortion clinic without having to worry about whether or not the staff is going to pass judgment on you.

The first thing you do when you enter an abortion clinic is to sign in and complete all of the necessary paperwork. Then, you will receive lab testing as well as counseling services. A member of the staff will also make sure that you know and understand exactly how the medical procedure works. They will take the time to address any concerns or questions you might have about the procedure.

During the lab testing, you are going to have to provide a blood sample and a urine sample. The main reason this testing is done is to make sure that you are actually pregnant. They will also take all of your vitals to make sure you are safe and healthy. During the testing, they will also take a sonogram. The purpose of the sonogram is just to determine exactly how long you have been pregnant. This is because once your pregnancy has progressed beyond a certain point you will not be able to have an abortion. The staff of an abortion clinic understands that women may not want to look at the screen because it can make it more difficult to follow through with their decision. Fortunately, you will not be forced to look at the picture of the sonogram if you do not want to.

Counseling sessions are also a regular part of an abortion clinic. This is because making the decision to go to an Abortion Clinic in Chicago is, arguably, the hardest choice a woman will ever make. The point of the counseling sessions is not to try to talk you out of your decision, but to make sure that you know all of the options available. The unfortunate truth is that a lot of women think that abortion is the only option when they do not want or cannot afford the child.

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