What To Know About Dedicated Hosting

by | Mar 26, 2013 | Computer And Software

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If you are a business owner you know how important it is to make every dollar count, especially when it comes to keeping up with the latest high tech advances. Hiring a dedicated hosting company is one option that allows you to get your company online without a lot of expense now or any long term investment. You will not have to spend a lot of time buying, programming or maintaining any hardware or software. It is the one type of service that allows you to have all the benefits of an online presence without the worry.

One major benefit of dedicated hosting is that you will have your own server that will be devoted to only your website. Since you are leasing the entire server no one else can store their files on it. This will give you an additional level of security because you will have control over every digital file or software program connected to your internet operation without hiring a full-time technical staff.

If you lease a server, you will not have to physically find a place to store it. Your server will be located in a server farm, which is a secure building where all of the company’s servers are housed. The company has its own network technicians to monitor the servers to make sure they are performing correctly and online all the time. If there’s a problem they can fix it quickly. Companies also use what is known as RAS, or reliability, availability and serviceability protocols. It means they have emergency generators constantly ready if there’s an emergency. In case of a natural disaster or fire at the facility they will be able to restore your website quickly to keep you from losing business during an outage.

Many hosting companies let you pick the operating plan that best fits your budget. You can simply lease the server and do everything yourself, such as installing the operating software and backing up all of your files. In you are not technically trained in server operation the company’s technicians can do all the software installation for you. They will also provide all the tech support you will need to get your server configured to your specifications. Companies who manufacture the specialized computers are constantly bringing out new and improved servers. Dedicated hosting companies routinely upgrade their hardware at no charge to you as part of their customer service.

A dedicated hosting plan will allow you to control the back end of your website. Visit 24shells today for an affordable dedicated hosting service to fit your needs.