Whitewater Rafting: Frequently Asked Questions

by | Mar 29, 2012 | Recreation and Sports

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The following are some commonly asked questions by first-time whitewater rafting guests:

1. I can’t swim. Can I still go? Because all whitewater rafters are required to wear life jackets by nearly all rafting companies, the chances of anyone drowning are very slim. If you are still uncomfortable with the prospect of being tossed into the water even when wearing a vest, then you may want to forego whitewater rafting in Colorado and elect to participate in a more leisurely rafting trip that involves few, if any rapids.

2. Am I going to get wet? Yes. Any rafting trip involves the chance of getting splashed with water.  Depending on the route your raft takes, you could be completely soaked from head to toe or splashed with water only on occasion. It is suggested that you check with your guide and the rafting company beforehand to get an idea of how wet you can expect to be so that you can prepare accordingly.

3. How should I dress? In general, dress expecting to get wet. How you dress depends a little on the time of year you’ll be whitewater rafting in Colorado and how much water you are expected to encounter on your excursion. In the early summer months, expect to get cold. In many cases, a wetsuit paired with warm thermal underwear and wool socks are suggested. In the hot summer months, rapids die down, and the chances of being completely soaked lessen. During these times, whitewater rafters tend to dress down and stick with light t-shirts, shorts, and swimsuits. In either case, sunglasses, sunscreen, and hats are a must. You will be completely exposed to the elements and need to bring adequate protection. You can also contact your whitewater rafting company before your Colorado trip and ask what you should bring and how you should dress.

4. What if it rains? Generally, most whitewater rafting companies in Colorado raft day in and day out, rain or shine. Rain offers a lovely perspective and closeness with nature that many people find very attractive on the water. Rain showers and thunderstorms in the southwest are also generally isolated and short-lived, so don’t expect to be stuck out in the rain on the water all day. It is wise to bring some form of raingear with you on your trip in the event that a rain shower does start.

5. Is whitewater rafting strenuous? Generally, no. As long as you are in moderately good physical condition and can adhere to rules given by your whitewater rafting guide, then you should have no trouble. Follow instructions, don’t overexert yourself, keep your life vest on, and, most importantly of all, enjoy yourself!

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