Why Choose Overhead Bridge Cranes for Your Business?

If your business works with heavy things, you probably need some kind of machinery or equipment to assist with the process. You could choose from a number of mechanisms including hoists, to get the job done. However, you will realize a great deal of benefits when you choose overhead bridge cranes. Here are some important reasons to consider these devices.

Bridge Type Cranes

A bridge crane is created with rails (which serve as runways) with a bridge that spans them overhead. This allows the lifting mechanism to move across the bridge and makes it possible to transport one heavy load to another location. Although the process may seem simple it is highly effective and can be used in a number of indoor applications.

Benefits of the Overhead Crane

In many manufacturing and fabrication businesses, heavy loads must be moved and it would be dangerous to lift these loads manually. In fact, this is a good way to increase injuries in the workplace. A specially designed crane can perform this task easily. For relatively simple operations, the devices are moved about manually but for heavy duty applications, motorized equipment is the best option.

More Versatile Than Hoists

Although hoists are commonly used for lifting, they lack the mobility of overhead bridge cranes. For example, an overhead crane can pick up heavy objects and transport them in specific directions. On the other hand, a hoist is usually mounted in one area and range of motion is determined by the chain or rope length.

Types of Overhead Cranes

There are three basic styles to choose from. You can have a top running crane or one which is underhung. A top running unit sits atop its support beams while underhung are situated below. In addition, you can choose a free standing crane which supplies its own support system and does not rely on ceiling beams.

Freestanding Applications

In some cases, buildings will not support a heavy duty overhead lifting device and a freestanding unit is the only viable option. However, you will need ample space to allow for a structure like this. In addition, there are added benefits like ease of installation.

Underhung or Overhung?

How much headroom is available? Top running or overhung cranes are good choices where space is limited and they are available in one or two beam models. Underhung cranes offer excellent support. It really is a matter of building type and specific applications which determines the best overhead bridge cranes for the jobs.

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