Why Not Include Honeybell Oranges and Scarlet Navals in Florida Gift Packages?

By the fall of each year, many people are already feeling stressed out about choosing the ideal holiday gifts. Fortunately, Florida growers have provided some gift options that are welcomed by virtually everyone. Professional growers who produce Scarlet Navels in Florida also offer Honeybell oranges, grapefruit, and more. They make it simple and convenient for you to send healthy, delicious gifts of fruit to friends, family, and co-workers. Some of the gift products they offer include:

ORANGE PACKAGES: Who wouldn’t welcome a basket overflowing with fresh Florida oranges, especially if it arrived on a cold January day? Florida growers can make this happen. You can order a basket OF sweet, juicy Honeybells, and add grapefruit if you like. From mid-November through December, you can send holiday gifts that include boxes of crimson-fleshed Scarlet navel oranges and Red Grapefruit. If you want to add a little pizzazz, you can include extras, such as Honeybell Marmalade, Tropical Blossom Honey, or a box of coconut patties. From mid-November through mid-January you can dazzle recipients with a Holiday Grand Slam. The box contains Navel Oranges, Florida Tangelos, and Ruby Red Grapefruit. It’s like getting a box of sunshine in the middle of winter, and is perfect for almost any occasion.

CANDIES AND OTHER GOODIES: You can send fruit alone, or add additional Florida treats to your gifts. Some extras include Key Lime Honey, Orange Blossom Honey with a comb, and citrus candy. Growers can provide a Fancy Gator basket, which includes citrus juice candies and pecan log rolls. It also contains chocolate candies with pecans, peanuts, orange, mint, and peanut butter flavor. The entire assortment is topped with a 5 ounce chocolate alligator. Other gift ideas include a key lime cake, or a Florida Sun Sampler. This delicious choice includes coconut patties, a bottle of Tangier Florida tangerine wine, 4 jars of Florida jellies and marmalade’s, a bag of citrus juice candy and a bag of Krunch bagged candy.

When you are stumped about what gift to send someone in the middle of the winter, a gift of health and sunshine is a great choice. Florida growers can create packages that will do just that. They will help you design the ideal package of Florida fruits and other goodies for virtually any occasion.

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