Why Pricing Isn’t The Most Important Factor In Contract Medical Manufacturing

The first thing that any Original Equipment Manufacturer in any type of industry wants to know when looking for a contract service provider is the cost. Unfortunately, when it comes to specialized types of manufacturing, particularly to very precise standards, paying the lowest price is rarely the most cost-effective option.

Top companies offering contract medical manufacturing services invest in technology, state-of-the-art equipment, and machines as well as a highly trained workforce. This means that they are constantly upgrading and advancing their services, which means they can offer highly competitive pricing, but they are rarely the lowest price on a bid.

However, the slight difference in pricing is often more than made up for in the quality and precision services offered by the contract medical manufacturing company. To see how they differ from the lowest price on the bid, consider the following important factors.

Ability to Customize Production

The top contract medical manufacturing services are aware of the market volatility in the field of medical devices. They can work with the company to start out with prototyping and small volume production and then rapidly ramp up production as demand increases.

Companies offering extremely low bids tend to have high minimum volume production runs, which can end up costing money in the short and long run. They may also have slow turnaround times, which is also an essential consideration.

Experience in Precision Production

With any type of contract manufacturing, precision machining and production will be critical for each component. Service providers with experience will have ISO 13485 certification that allows them to use quality control and production methods that are approved and recognized as best practices.

Logistics for the Project

By using US-based contract medical manufacturing, logistics can be much easier to manage for the project. Not only is there less risk of delays in shipping of the completed parts, but the top companies are very familiar with working with major carriers and third-party logistics services to make sure parts arrive on time.

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