Why Smart Homeowners Call Landscapers when they Need Expert Masonry in Florham Park, NJ

Today’s landscape professionals do much more than just plant and maintain yards. They also provide a wide range of design and building services. Professionals can completely transform properties, using plants, trees, stone, and Masonry in Florham Park, NJ communities.

Landscaping that includes non-living elements, such as stone, is known as hardscaping. Many customers work with landscape experts to incorporate hardscaping into their property designs. Some of the elements they use include:

GROUND COVER: Customers can add beauty and style to property when they choose pavers and walkways. Landscapers can build these from a wide variety of materials, and create designs to suit any taste.

RETAINING WALLS: Some homeowners need retaining walls, to protect property. Others choose to add stone or brick walls to highlight landscaping, or help drainage. Landscapers can build retaining walls that help reduce problems associated with flooding or sloping property. Many customers want retaining walls because they add elegance to landscaping.

ENTERTAINMENT AREAS: Professionals can create durable, beautiful stone terraces and patios, which can act as outdoor entertainment areas and add interest to property. Many customers choose to add outdoor stone kitchens and grilling areas. They can include pizza ovens, refrigerators, stoves, storage areas, and more. Homeowners may decide to add a fire pit, which is ideal for those who want to sit around a cozy fire on a chilly night. They can also use it roast marshmallows, or just create a relaxing atmosphere.

WATER FEATURES: Landscape professionals can help customers design water features that add beauty and a serene atmosphere to their properties. Water features can be built in brick or stone, and customized for any size or shape space. Many customers also add brick or stone pathways that lead up to water features.

FLOWER BEDS: Flower beds can be highlighted or enhanced with carefully-designed stone or brick borders. Hardscaping can also be installed to border or draw attention to any plantings on the property, including trees and shrubs.

Professional landscapers are experts at designing and building hardscaping that enhances property beauty and value. They can create dozens of unique elements, including ground cover, entertainment areas, borders, and water features.

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